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Russian Customer Off Grid Solar Project With Sunflx MPPT Solar Controller

This is a Russian customer who has a project that requires an MPPT controller.Subsequently, after searching on Google, he found the official website of SUNFLX and sent us an inquiry.

Order Process

New customer from Russia placed the order for 236 pieces MPPT solar controller in May 2023. In April he placed a sample order for quality testing, test the product at their base without any problems.Then we started discussing the details for bulk order. such aspackaging, brand customization, price and freight cost. we offered different shipping options for him to make decision. After he confirms the order, send the formal contract and PI. payment received, we arrange the production process and keep customers updated on the progress. In the end, he received the goods within the specified timeframe, and there was no damage during the transportation process. He is highly satisfied with the visual quality of the SUNFLX products and provided textual feedback along with pictures.

Due to the SUNFLX MPPT DML Series controller’s high input voltage and cost-effectiveness, this Russian customer expresses high satisfaction with SUNFLX.

Its efficient performance and competitive pricing align with the customer’s expectations. The product’s reliability and affordability contribute to a positive user experience. 

If you are also interested in this product, just feel free to inquire with us!

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Hi,I am the author of this Post. From 2012, I have been the marketing director of Sunflx Solar. With over 10 years Solar Field experience, I helped customers over 30 countries to boost their business. I wish my knowledge can help you to choose right solar products !

If you got any question about solar, just contact with me !

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