SX-Wonder Series


  • Advanced MPPT Tracking, 99% tracking efficiency, compared with PWM, the generating efficiency increase near 20%;
  • LCD display PV data and chart simulates power generation process;
  • Wide PV input voltage range, convenient for system configuration;
  • Intelligent battery management function, extend battery life;
  • RS485 communication port optional, convenient for user Integration management;
  • Multiple working modes to adapt different working occasion (only supported on 12V / 24V / 48V models);
  • 12V /24V /48V automatic recognition, users are more flexible and convenient to use.

What is SX-Wonder Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller?

The SX-Wonder Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller is characterized by advanced MPPT tracking, achieving a 99% tracking efficiency. Compared with PWM controllers, it offers an increased generating efficiency of nearly 20%.

Featuring an LCD display, the controller provides real-time visualization of PV data and a chart that simulates the power generation process. It boasts a wide PV input voltage range, ensuring convenience in system configuration.

The controller incorporates intelligent battery management functions to extend battery life. An optional RS485 communication port facilitates user integration management. The controller supports multiple working modes tailored for different occasions (available on 12V/24V/48V models). It also offers 12V/24V/48V automatic recognition, providing users with flexibility and convenience in usage.

Model And Packing List

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12/24/48V auto 10A, 12/24/48V auto 20A, 12/24/48V auto 30A, 12/24/48V auto 40A, 12/24/48V auto 50A, 12/24/48V auto 60A, 12/24/48V auto 80A, 12/24/48V auto 100A, 96V 50A, 96V 100A, 192/216/240V 50A, 192/216/240V 100A, 384V 50A, 384V 100A


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