• With Toroidal low-loss transformer, high-efficiency inverter conversion,pure sine wave output
  • Intelligent LCD display
  • The adjustable mains charging current range is 0-20A
  • Provide adjustable working modes: mains priority, inverter priority
  • Optional built-in PWM or MPPT solar controller to achieve high-efficiency charging
  • Support diesel and gasoline generators, suitable for various grid power
  • Support RS485 communication /mobile APP (optional)

What is SX-WF Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter ?

The SX-WF Series Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter is a Combination Low Frequency Inverter,  AC charger and Solar Charge Controller. it is characterized by a Toroidal low-loss transformer, ensuring high-efficiency inverter conversion and delivering a pure sine wave output. It features an intelligent LCD display for user-friendly operation.

The inverter offers an adjustable mains charging current range of 0-20A and supports various working modes, including mains priority and inverter priority. Additionally, it provides the option of a built-in PWM or MPPT solar controller for achieving high-efficiency charging through solar power.

This inverter is compatible with diesel and gasoline generators, making it suitable for diverse grid power scenarios. It also supports RS485 communication and a mobile app for advanced monitoring and control (optional feature).

Model And Packing List

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12/24V 700W, 12/24V 1000W, 24/48V 1500W, 24/48V 2000W, 24/48V 3000W, 48/96V 3500W, 48/96V 4000W, 48/96V 5000W, 48/96V 6000W, 48/96/192V 7000W, 48/96/192V 8000W, 48/96/192V 10000W, 96/192V 120000W, 192V 15000W, 192V 20000W, 240V 25000W, 240V 30000W, 384V 40000W


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