SX-SPI Series 8-10Kw


  • Advanced MPPT technology with up to 99.9% efficiency
  • Up to 22+22A PV input current
  • 360 degrees of security from hardware to software
  • Multiple safety approvals
  • Up to 200A charging current
  • Support Li-ion battery BMS communication
  • Outputs high quality pure sine wave AC power
  • Up to 6 units in parallel connection
  • Industrial design with a modern aesthetic look
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Exclusive Li-ion battery BMS dual activation
  • Time-slot function to save cost with peak-valley

What is SX-SPI SERISE 8-10Kw inverter?

SX-SPI Serise Inverter and Controller features advanced SPWM technology, enabling the production of a true sine wave for high-power loads. The inverter incorporates a Mains AC bypass circuit that works seamlessly with the inverter output, creating a robust UPS system.

With various charging and output modes, the SX-SPI Serise is adaptable to different power supply requirements. The device employs advanced MPPT technology with efficiency up to 99.9% and a wide MPPT range of 120V-450V.

Additionally,SX-SPI Serise provides over 11 protection functions, ensuring the robust safeguarding of your devices and overall system safety.

Model And Packing List

Item NO Battery Voltage MPPT current Inverter power AC input and Output voltage Max PV voltage Max PV power Packing size (cm) Weight (KGS)
SX-SPI 48100-U200-Dual 48V 200A 10000W 120/240Vac 500V 11000W 62.5*41*24.5cm 20KG
SX-SPI4880-U200-Dual 48V 200A 8000W 120/240Vac 500V 11000W 62.5*41*24.5cm 20KG
SX-SPI48100-S200-Dual 48V 200A 10000W 230V 500V 11000W 62.5*41*24.5cm 20KG
SX-SPI4880-S200-Dual 48V 200A 8000W 230V 500V 11000W 62.5*41*24.5cm 20KG

Connection and wiring


Markets and Application Scenario

Off grid inverter works in many place, suitable for different utility grid conditions, you can use the inverter in different way.
In urban area, with Stable utility grid power but electrictiy price is high. In this suitation, off grid solar system can help max reduce electritiy bills.
In rural area , with Unstable utility grid power and need backup power supply when power outage. In this suitation, off grid solar system can provide stable power supply.

Typical Scenario First concern Charging Mode setting Output mode setting Method
urban area : Utility grid stable But electricity price is high Reduce electricity bills Solar first Solar first Max use solar energy and battery power
Rural area : Utility grid unstable Provide backup power when power outage Solar first Solar first Always keep battery full and standby
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

48V 8K-S, 48V 10K-SP, 48V 10K-H3, 48V 8K-U, 48V 10K-U


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