SX-SML Series 2-3kw


  • Pure sine wave solar inverterOutput powerfactor 1.0
  • WIFI& GPRS available for lOS and androidBuilt-in 80A MPPTsolar charger
  • High PV input voltage range(30~400VDC)Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment
  • Smart battery charge design to optimize battery lifemeet the rich customize needs of customersCompatibe with lithium battery
  • Solar energy is provided directly to the load first

What is SX-SML Series 2-3KW inverter?

The SX-SML Series 2-3KW INVERTER features a pure sine wave solar inverter with a power factor of 1.0. Its connectivity is enhanced with WIFI and GPRS, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The inverter is equipped with an integrated 80A MPPT solar charger and supports a high PV input voltage range (30~400VDC), making it suitable for various solar applications.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the inverter includes a built-in anti-dusk kit. The smart battery charge design optimizes battery life, catering to the diverse customization needs of customers. It is also compatible with lithium batteries, and notably, solar energy is directly provided to the load first, ensuring efficient and prioritized power distribution.

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12V 2000W, 24V 3200W


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