SX-MPS-VX 4.5-7.2kw


  • On/Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • Working without batteries in sunny day
  • Under Battery Mode can adjust ac voltage to 110vac or 220vac
  • SBU Mode : Utility Power ,battery and PV Power complement each other battery performance
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized
  • High PV input range from 55V-450Vdc
  • Built-in 150A MPPT (Max PV 8000W) solar charger
  • Unique glass top cover design with 6.25inch LCD display and touchable buttons
  • Pure sine wave solar inverter
  • Configurable AC/Battery input priority via LCD setting
  • Auto restart while PV is recovering
  • Over-load , over temperature and output short circuit protection
  • Cold restart function
  • Built-in lithium battery automatic activation
  • Communication with RS232/RS485
  • WiFi monitoring function (optional )
  • Anti-dust kit for harsh environment(optional)
  • Restore default Settings with one click

What is SX-MPS-VX inverter?

he SX-MPS-VX Series INVERTER is a pure sine wave solar inverter featuring a unique glass top cover design with a 6.25-inch LCD display and touchable buttons for user-friendly operation. It comes equipped with a built-in 150A MPPT solar charger, supporting a maximum PV input of 8000W and a high PV input range from 120V to 450Vdc, ensuring compatibility with various solar setups.

The inverter incorporates a smart battery charger design to optimize battery performance and allows for configurable AC/battery input priority through LCD settings. It includes safety features such as auto-restart during PV recovery, over-load, over-temperature, and output short circuit protection. Additional functionalities comprise a cold restart function, built-in lithium battery automatic activation, and communication options through RS232/RS485. The inverter also offers WiFi monitoring functionality as an optional feature, along with an anti-dust kit for harsh environments and the convenience of restoring default settings with a single click.

Model And Packing List

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48V 4500W, 48V 6500W


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