• Pure sine wave, toroidal low loss transformer, customizable mode dual output voltage
  • Smart LCD show equipment status and parameters
  • The adjustable mains charging current range is 0-30A
  • Suffer 3 times peak power, ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment
  • Support diesel and gasoline generators, suitable for various power grid
  • Suitable for industrial and residential used, wall-mounted design

What is SX-LF Series-1-6KW inverter?

The SX-LF Series 1-6KW INVERTER is characterized by its pure sine wave output and features a toroidal low-loss transformer with customizable modular output voltage. The smart LCD provides a clear display of equipment status and parameters, offering convenient monitoring.

With an adjustable mains charging current range of 0-30A, the inverter can handle 3 times peak power, ensuring safe and stable equipment operation. It is designed to support diesel and gasoline generators, making it versatile for various power grid scenarios. The wall-mounted design adds to its suitability for both industrial and residential use, providing a compact and efficient solution.

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12/24/48V 1000W, 12/24/48V 1500W, 12/24/48V 2000W, 24/48V 3000W, 24/48V 4000W, 48V 5000W, 48V 6000W


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