SX-ESS 0.3-7KW


  • 3 times peak power, excellent loading capability.
  • Combine inverter/solar controller/battery all in one.
  • Multiple output: 2*AC output socket, 4*DC 12V, 2*USB.
  • Working mode AC prior/ECO mode/Solar prior selectable.
  • AC charging current 0-1 OA selectable.
  • LVD/HVD/Charging voltage adjutable, suitable for kinds of battery
  • Adding fault code to monitor real-time work situations.
  • Continuous stable pure sine wave output with inbuilt AVR stabilizer.
  • Digital LCD and LED for visualization of operation status of the equipment.
  • Inbuilt automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, stwitch time 􀂦 4ms.

What is SX-ESS Series 0.3-7KW inverter?

The SX-ESS Series 0.3-7KW INVERTER boasts excellent loading capability with 3 times peak power, making it highly efficient for various applications. This all-in-one system integrates an inverter, solar controller, and battery, providing a comprehensive solution. It offers multiple output options, including two AC output sockets, four DC 12V ports, and two USB ports, ensuring versatility for different devices.

Users can choose from different working modes such as AC prior, ECO mode, and Solar prior to suit specific needs. The AC charging current is selectable within the range of 0-10A, offering flexibility in charging settings. The inverter features adjustable LVD/HVD/Charging voltage, making it compatible with a variety of batteries. The addition of fault codes enables real-time monitoring of operational situations.

With continuous stable pure sine wave output and an inbuilt AVR stabilizer, the inverter ensures a reliable power supply. The digital LCD and LED provide clear visualization of the equipment’s operation status. The system is further equipped with an automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, ensuring seamless switching with a swift transition time of less than 4ms.



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12V 300W, 12V 500W, 12V 1000W, 24V 1500W, 24V 2000W, 24V 3000W, 48V 1500W, 48V 2000W, 48V 3000W, 48V 4000W, 48V 5000W, 48V 6000W, 48V 7000W


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