SX-DML Series


  • With LCD Display
  • High Quality mppt controller
  • With DC output Terminal
  • 24V products with RS232
  • 48V products with RS232/485
  • 12/24/36/48V automatic recognition

What is MPPT DML Series ?

DML Series features an LCD screen which can dynamically display the operating status, operating parameters, controller logs, control parameters, etc. Users can conveniently check parameters by the keys, and modify control parameters to cater to different system requirements.
The controller utilizes standard Modbus communication protocol, making it easy for users to check and modify system parameters on their own. Besides, by providing free monitoring software, we give users the maximum convenience to satisfy their varied needs for remote monitoring.
With comprehensive electronic fault self-detecting functions and powerful electronic protection functions built inside the controller, component damage caused by installation errors or system failures can be avoided to the greatest extent possible.
DML Series support 12V/24V/36V/48V solar system.

Model And Packing List

Item NO Battery Voltage Charging Current Max PV voltage Max PV power Carton Size Qty/Carton Carton Weight (KGS)
DML-MPPT-20A 12/24V 20A 92V (25℃) 100V(-25℃) 260W/520W 61.5*26.6*22.5cm 6 10.12
DML-MPPT-30A 12/24V 30A 92V (25℃) 100V(-25℃) 400W/800W 46.5*30*28cm 4 10.21
DML-MPPT-40A 12/24V 40A 92V (25℃) 100V(-25℃) 520W/1040W 46.5*30*28cm 4 10.46
DML-MPPT48-30A 12/24/36/48V auto. 30A 150V (25°C) 145V (-25°C) 400W/800W/ 1200W/1600W 46.5*30*28cm 4 10.81
DML-MPPT48-60A 12/24V 60A 150V (25°C) 145V (-25°C) 800W/1600W/ 2400W/3200W 60*38*37CM 4 18.14

Pease download datasheet and user manual to view more specificaiton

Working mode

Connection and wiring


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12/24V auto 20A, 12/24V auto 30A, 12/24V auto 40A, 12/24/36/48V auto 30A, 12/24/36/48V auto 60A


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