• LCD display with backlight
  • 4-stage charging management : Bulk-ABS-Float+Equalize every 2 month.
  • 6 load working mode : Light control ; Light+time control(1-23hours);3 stage time and power control ; Manually ; Load always on ; Load always off .
  • Comprehensive LCD display showing : charging status , battery status , load status , load working mode , charging stages , protection remind .
  • Battery type selectable : AGM ; GEL ; WET ; Lifepo4 .
  • Parameters Settable : Over-voltage,Low voltage disconnect,Low voltage reconnect .
  • Intelligent 3 stage over temperature protection .
  • Temperature compensation function .
  • Self fault detect :Controller can automatically detect any fault on internal charging circuit Mosfet and other hardware , user’s can know the problem according to its reminding .
  • Well-designed charge loop can improve the efficiency and reduce the heat consumption .
  • Statistics of charging power .

What is PWM DCK Series ?

Solar charge controller is used to charge the battery by regulating and controlling the output from the solar PV array, it also protects the battery from being overcharged or over discharged.
DCK with Big LCD display ,have Three stage load output, also have stastics of charging power.

Model And Packing List

Item NO Battery Volts Charging Current Max PV volts Max PV power Carton Size pcs/carton Weight (KGS)
DCK1210 12/24V Auto 10A 55V 120W/240W 46*36*36.5cm 60 17
DCK1220 12/24V Auto 20A 55V 240W/480W 46*36*36.5cm 60 17
DCK1230 12/24V Auto 30A 55V 360W/720W 46*36*36.5cm 60 17
DCK1240 12/24V Auto 40A 47V 480W/960W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21
DCK1250 12/24V Auto 50A 47V 600W/1200W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21
DCK1260 12/24V Auto 60A 47V 720W/1440W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21
DCK4820 48V 20A 100V 960W 46*36*36.5cm 60 17
DCK4830 48V 30A 100V 1440W 46*36*36.5cm 60 17
DCK4840 48V 40A 100V 1920W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21
DCK4850 48V 50A 100V 2400W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21
DCK4860 48V 60A 100V 2880W 52.5*44*43cm 20 21

Pease download datasheet and user manual to view more specificaiton

Working mode

More comparsion is below:

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12/24V Auto 10A, 12/24V Auto 20A, 12/24V Auto 30A, 12/24V Auto 40A, 12/24V Auto 50A, 12/24V Auto 60A, 48V 20A, 48V 30A, 48V 40A, 48V 50A, 48V 60A


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