SX-DB-P 0.3-8KW Series


  • Input & output fully insolated
  • High surge power: High starting surge current withstand capabilityfor loads like fridge,camps,motors and other inductive loads.
  • Soft start: smooth start-up of the appliances.
  • output waveform: pure sine wave power for inductive loads.
  • Very stable AC output Cooling fan works automatically when inverter becomes too hot, itturns off automatically when the temperature is reduced.
  • Low total harmonic distortion: below 3%.

What is DB-P Series?

SX-DB-P series DC-AC Inverter is used to convert Direct current (DC) from battery to Alternating current (AC) to supply home electrical appliance.
SX-DB-P Inverter input DC voltage can be 12V,24V or 48V. Output Voltage can be 110V,120V,220V or 230V.  Frequency have 50/60Hz optional.

Model And Packing List

Model NO Input DC Voltage Output AC Voltage Rated Output Power Packing size (cm) Qty/Carton Weight (KGS)
SX-DB-P 300w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 300w 54.5*49*32.5cm 18pcs 20
SX-DB-P 500w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 500w 76*32.5*32.5cm 15pcs 21.5
SX-DB-P 600w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 600w 76*45*28cm 10pcs 22.3
SX-DB-P 1000w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 1000w 53.5*47*40.7cm 6pcs 20.52
SX-DB-P 1500w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 1500w 47.5*47*36.5cm 4pcs 20
SX-DB-P 2000w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 2000w 47.5*47*36.5cm 4pcs 20.3
SX-DB-P 2500w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 2500w 55.5*47*31.5cm 4pcs 22.5
SX-DB-P 3000w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 3000w 62*26.5*43cm 3pcs 21.4
SX-DB-P 3500w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 3500w 56.5*30.8*24cm 1pcs 10.7
SX-DB-P 4000w 12/24/48V 220/230/240V 4000w 63.5*30.8*24cm 1pcs 11.7
SX-DB-P 5000w 24/48V 220/230/240V 5000w 63.5*30.8*24cm 1pcs 13.4
SX-DB-P 6000w 24/48V 220/230/240V 6000w 73.5*30.8*24cm 1pcs 15
SX-DB-P 8000w 48/96V 220/230/240V 8000w 73.5*30.8*24cm 1pcs 16

Pease download datasheet and user manual to view more specificaiton

Working mode

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12/24/48V 300W, 12/24/48V 500W, 12/24/48V 600W, 12/24/48V 1000W, 12/24/48V 1500W, 12/24/48V 2000W, 12/24/48V 2500W, 12/24/48V 3000W, 12/24/48V 3500W, 12/24/48V 4000W, 24/48V 5000W, 24/48V 6000W, 48/96V 8000W


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