• Pure sine wave output
  • Low frequency toroidal transformer increase efficiency
  • Integrated LCD display;One-button start with an external display screen(optional)
  • Dedicated DCP chip design;stable and high-speed operation
  • LCD display,easy to monitor the operation condition in real time
  • AC charge current 0-30A adjustable;battery capacity configuration more flexible
  • Three types working modes adjustable:AC first,DC first,energy-saving mode
  • AVR output,all-around automatic protection function
  • Frequency adaptive function,adapt to different grid environments
  • Built-in PWM or MPPT controller optional
  • Added fault codes query function,facilitate user to monitor the operation state in real time
  • Supports diesel or gasoline generator,adapt any tough electricity situation
  • RS485 communication port/APP optional

What is SF-DP Series-1-7KW inverter?

The SF-DP Series-1-7KW INVERTER offers a pure sine wave output with enhanced efficiency through a low-frequency toroidal transformer. Its integrated LCD display provides intuitive operation, and with an optional external display screen, users can easily monitor real-time operational conditions. The inverter is designed for stable and high-speed operation, featuring a dedicated DCP chip.

This system allows for flexible charging with an adjustable AC charge current (0-30A) and supports various battery capacity configurations. It offers three adjustable working modes: AC first, DC first, and energy-saving mode. The inverter is equipped with AVR output and an all-around automatic protection function, ensuring reliable performance.

Adaptability is a key feature, with the frequency adaptive function allowing the inverter to accommodate different grid environments. Users have the option to include a built-in PWM or MPPT controller for added versatility. The system also facilitates real-time monitoring through a fault codes query function.

In challenging electricity situations, the inverter proves its resilience by supporting diesel or gasoline generators. Additionally, it enhances connectivity with an RS485 communication port and optional APP support for efficient communication and control.

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