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Reliable longevity solar inverter with warranty.Made for Africa ,South Asia and Central America.

Sunflx experienced B2B export team, Save your time and money ! Solar importer & wholesaler right choice !

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Our Products

High Frequency
Off Grid Solar Inverter

High Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter

- Standard Type -

SX-HSI Series
24/48V 3-5KW

Light Version 3KW丨Li-Ion Battery BMS Dual Activation丨Bulk Selling Good Price丨Off Grid Frist Chooice

SX-HYP Series​
48V 5KW

Hybrid Inverter With On/Off Grid Function丨Time-Slot Function丨Li-Ion Battery BMS Dual Activation

SX-SEI Series
48V 4-12KW

Most Durable Model丨360 Degree IP65 Protection丨Hybrid Inverter With On/Off Grid Function

SX-SPI Series
48V 8-10KW

Split-Phase Funciton 丨Have Three-Phase Version丨Parallel Operation Up To 6 Units丨Two MPPT Charger 

High Frequency
Off Grid Solar Inverter

High Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter

- Economic Type -

Low Frequency
Off Grid Solar Inverter

Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter

SX-DP Series
12/24/48V 1-7KW

1-6Kw Inverter Output丨220V version丨110V and 220V split phase output

SX-WF Series
12-384V 0.7-40KW

0.7-40Kw Inverter Output丨12/24/48/96/192V Battery voltage

SX-LF Series
12/24V 1-6KW

0.7-40Kw Inverter Output丨Intelligent LCD display丨220V version

All-In-One Solar Portable Generator

SX-ESS Series 0.5-6KW

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Pure sine inverter , lithium Battery and AC charger All In One
  • low frequency transformer type inverter, Much more stable
  • Builit-in 220V AC output socket, 12V and 5V DC output , Minimum of wiring, just Plug and play
  • With wheels , easy to move around

Our Services

OEM. ONE-STOP, And Consult

OEM Order Production

OEM Order Production

Professional production for your brand. Customized color, logo and parameter

Fast sample making

Accepting small batch order

One-Stop Solar Product Purchase

Buy Solar Products from us

Solar panel, Inverter, Controller, Battery, Cable, Solar bracket , we provide them all!

Free Off Grid Solar System Configuration

Free Solar System Design

Tell us your system demand, we design a cost-worth solar system for you!

Sunflx Factory Tour​

Our factory is over 6000 square meters and has around 120 workers,we can produce 3000 solar inverters per day.

Our factory is certified by ISO9001, with Automatic soldering machine, aging test equipment, PCB test scanner etc, and has the capacity of OEM/ODM.

1.PCB Production and Soldering

2.Product Assembling、Testing And Packing

3.Finished Product Warehouse

Quick overview

Inverter Functionality Test

Inverter Type:SX-DP-CR 2000W

In this video ,you will see Sunflx Inverter functionality test by Mr. Tom. 

These tests include :
High voltage protection、Low voltage protection、Short circuit protection、USB port functionality、Type-C port functionality、Remote switch functionality.

latest factory News

VR Factory Show

Sample Room

Sample Room

Our sample room provides customers with an interactive environment to explore our range of solar energy products, aiding informed decision-making for their solar solutions.

PCB Production & Assembly Line

Our workshop specializes in producing high-quality circuit boards for solar inverters using advanced PCB production lines.

Product Assembling、Testing and Packing Line

We meticulously test, inspect, and package our products using professional equipment and materials to ensure maximum protection during transit.

Material Store

We meticulously manage materials, conduct rigorous quality inspections, and utilize only approved components to meet high standards and customer requirements.

Product Testing

We rigorously evaluate assembled solar inverters for quality and reliability using professional equipment, ensuring proper functionality and adherence to high standards before reaching customers.

Product Warehouse

Assembled products are meticulously managed, stored, and inspected to maintain quality standards and ensure timely shipment.

More Details

Why Choose US ?


With Sunflx Superior Quality Solar Inverter, You Just Need To Focus On Marketing

Expertly Selected Materials, Quality is Guranteed from First
CE Certified Product, European Standard Quality
Perfectly Compatibility with Major brand Battery

With our In-House Software and Hardware Engineering team,
You will get up-to-date Latest featured products


With Over 30 Patents , we solve most problem 

During last 10 years, We develop over 15 different models

ISO 9001 Certified Which Ensure Your Order Production will be highly consistency and traceable

ISO 9001 Certified Production Process

Strictly test Process, Even Simulate Truck Transportation Vibration effect on products

Each product is traceable

  • SN: Product Serial Number
  • 220926: Manufacture date
  • 0078: Production Batch number
  • 301051: Factory inner Model number
  • B00:Software version number 


Pass Third Party Factory Audit  Sunflx Have Experience To Work With World Classs Solar Business

Intertek Third Party Factory Audit, Guarantee Sunflx equipment and Process up to date
With More than 8 months core components stock and long-term marterial supply contact, you can expect very stable supply capability from Sunflx

Your Intellectual property & Business secrets is always safe with Sunflx, Every Order will provided with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)



Real,Honest and reliable Company , Multiple payments optional, Enjoy Safe Business with Sunflx

10 Years Trustworthy Alibaba Verified Supplier , Trade Assurance Promised
70% Payment only after original B/L was issued

L/C (Letter of Credit ) Payment Terms is Supported, No Deposit Needed

Comprehensive Warranty Policy , You are promised to get Best After-Sales

What Our Customer Say

When I was looking for suppliers in China, I visited SUNFLX website then contacted them and came to their company to discuss cooperation.They have many product models and also support customize,I ordered 200 units of off grid inverters and started using them when I returned to my country. They’re working really well till now.

Fahad Ijaz

I think it is wise to use Sunflx inverters in Pakistan. Their inverters are durable and they also have good price with efficient service.Their off grid inverters are easy to use and cost lower than others,They perfect fit my requirements.

Muhammad Ali

When I change my previous solar inverters into SUNFLX, I've seen a difference. Their inverters are stable in bad weather ,They are durable and fit our market in Zimbabwe,If I meat anything I don't understand they will explain it to me patiently,Now my shop have more customers,I'm satisfied with their products and service.

Nyasha Nyahundi

I started business with Sunflx for two years. at first i brought two MPPT solar controller from them , their price is good and turned out the products is is satisfactory. later we start inverter orders ,they reply question are fast , Easy to work them.


We have a gift for you !

We designed an Automatic Solar System Configuration Tool, it can design your off grid solar system in 1 second !

Contact us now ,I will send you immediately !
  • Sunflx latest catalog
  • Solar system automatic configuration tool

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Got a Question?

All our products have CE certificates, products comply with IEC 62109-1 safety standards, and product quality meets European certification requirements.

If you have specific certificate needs, please feel free to consult our sales representatives, we can also help our client to got any necessary certificate.

For Products under Sunflx brand name ,warranty is below Solar panel : 12 years Solar inverter : 1-5 Year according to different model Solar charge controller : 1-3 Year according to different model Lithium battery : 10 years Gel battery: 3 Years OEM products, warranty will confirm upon your technical requests. For more detail Warranty policy , Please check Here.

The MOQ varies depending on the product. Typically:

Solar inverter :1pcs.

Solar Charge Controller: 50pcs.

Solar Panel :3 pallet (around 93pcs).

Gel Battery: 20pcs.

Lithium battery:1pcs.

Most of regular parameter products such as HF /LF solar inverter, accessories like solar cable, connectors are always in stock. It can be ship once you confirm the order.

We are factory, so we mainly produce products according to our customers’ order. Below is rough delivery time for some customized product.

Solar inverter: 10-15days

All-In-One Solar Portable Generator: 10-15days

solar charge controller: 7 days

GEL/Lithium battery :10-15days

Solar panel :7-14days

Right now, we are invite reputable companies to become our dealer/distributor of our brand products. As long as you comply with below requirements:

  1. Have more than 200 sqm warehouse.
  2. Have good reputation in local market.
  3. Have the ability to do some products installation and solve customer question according to our user manual.


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