Warranty Policy

We offer comprehensive after-sales Service.

How do we guarantee quality?

At Sunflx Solar, we recognize the critical importance of quality assurance in safeguarding your business reputation and ensuring product excellence. Our commitment to delivering outstanding products is underpinned by a comprehensive quality control strategy:


Rigorous Quality Control System

Our production stages at Sunflx Solar are governed by strict quality control procedures. From raw material selection to the final assembly process, each product undergoes thorough quality assessments.  Includes testing for efficiency, durability, and safety, aligning with the highest industry standards. All products are with traceable S/N.


Certifications and Standards Compliance

We adhere to international quality standards. Our solar products are certified by recognized industry authorities, ensuring global standards for safety and performance are met. All our products are CE certified and conform to the IEC 62109 safety standard, a testament to our commitment to quality.


Positive Customer Feedback 

Our products have been successfully deployed in South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, receiving positive feedback for low failure rates and high satisfaction. We can provide case studies or client testimonials to demonstrate the reliability and performance of our solar products in real-world scenarios.


Robust After-Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive warranty and include 2%-5% free spare parts for main components for bulk orders. Our technical support extends to video guidance, and our dedicated customer service team is readily available for direct contact. 


Transparency and Effective Communication: 

We maintain open and regular communication with our clients, providing updates on production, delivery, and sharing quality control reports, to ensure transparency and foster trust.

At Sunflx Solar, our goal is to deliver not just high-quality products but also peace of mind. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us.

After Sales Service List:


Technical Support

If you encounter technical challenges or need assistance with the product installation, operation, maintenance or troubleshooting of your solar system, our technical support team is ready to assist you.


On-Site installation service

We also support on-site guidance,arrange technical personnel to go to your site to help you solve any installation problem. Please consult our sales for specific conditions.


Product Warranty

We provide true product warranty to our clients. Which can solve most after-sales problems.

Warranty Policy


Warranty Period:

The warranty period for each product can be found in the specification sheet, user manual, or on the product website. The standard warranty period for solar inverters is 1-5 years, while for solar panels, it is 12-15 years.


Scope of Warranty:

Faults due to manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. However, faults resulting from improper installation or use as per the user manual, damage due to natural disasters, or unauthorized repairs are not covered under warranty. Nonetheless, we can provide necessary technical assistance to help resolve these issues.


Claim Process:

Upon discovering a product fault within the warranty scope, please promptly gather images and videos and provide us with details such as a description of the fault, product serial number, and the quantity of faulty products. Once we confirm the fault is due to a manufacturing defect, we will issue an after-sales certificate to the customer, which can be used to obtain compensation.


Compensation Policy:

Depending on the type of product fault, we will select an appropriate method of compensation. This may include returning the product to a local after-sales service center (if available), providing free spare parts, replacing with a brand-new product, or providing additional products.


Customer Support and Service: 

For product faults or technical support needs, you can directly email your dedicated sales manager. We can arrange an online video meeting with our professional engineers to address your queries.

The above constitutes our after-sales policy, and we hope it meets your satisfaction. 



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