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Our factory is over 6000 square meters and has around 120 workers, we can produce 3000 solar inverters per day.

Our factorv is certified by ISO9001. with automatic soldering machines, aging test equipment, PCB test scanners, etc, and has the capacity of OEM/ODM.

1.PCB Production and Soldering

2.Product Assembling、Testing And Packing

3.Finished Product Warehouse

Quick overview

Inverter Functionality Test

Inverter Type:SX-DP-CR 2000W

In this video ,you will see Sunflx Inverter functionality test by Mr. Tom. 

These tests include :
High voltage protection、Low voltage protection、Short circuit protection、USB port functionality、Type-C port functionality、Remote switch functionality.

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Sample Room

Sample Room

Our sample room provides customers with an interactive environment to explore our range of solar energy products, aiding informed decision-making for their solar solutions.

PCB Production & Assembly Line

Our workshop specializes in producing high-quality circuit boards for solar inverters using advanced PCB production lines.

Product Assembling、Testing and Packing Line

We meticulously test, inspect, and package our products using professional equipment and materials to ensure maximum protection during transit.

Material Store

We meticulously manage materials, conduct rigorous quality inspections, and utilize only approved components to meet high standards and customer requirements.

Product Testing

We rigorously evaluate assembled solar inverters for quality and reliability using professional equipment, ensuring proper functionality and adherence to high standards before reaching customers.

Product Warehouse

Assembled products are meticulously managed, stored, and inspected to maintain quality standards and ensure timely shipment.

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NO 1-1, South Yixing Innovation Park, Huangpu, Guangzhou, GuangDong, P.R.China

Manufacture Unit

F2-4, No 1. Zhanye Road, Sunde, Foshan, Guangdong, P.R.China

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