Brand Story

In the heart of Sunflx, the story begins with a pursuit of light.

Co-founder Mr. Tom Sun, Who is a graduate with a master’s degree from UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), drew deep inspiration from his alma mater for electronic and electrical technology. UESTC known as the cradle of China’s electronic and electrical specialties, nurtured his desire for innovation. Since 2011, Mr. Tom Sun has started his career in the electrical industry, working closely with world-renowned companies such as Simon Electric, Ingelec, and Energypac, accumulating a wealth of cutting-edge industry experience.

By 2014, during the golden era of rapid development in the solar industry, Mr. Tom noticed that off-grid solar products in the market commonly faced quality issues, with short product lifespans, Which forced users to frequently replace equipment and cause unnecessary wastage.

Deeply empathizing with the plight of off-grid area users, Mr Tom Sun decide to make some change. Thus, he started Sunflx Company with his schoolmate Mr. Huang, Who is experienced engineer from the same university .Sunflx is committed to producing extremely durable solar inverters and solar controllers . Sunflx intend to bringing stable off-grid solar energy to regions in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America.

The “Sunflx” brand meaning is profound. “Sun” not only represents Mr. Tom Sun’s Family Name, but also symbolizes the power of Solar Energy. In “FLX,” the “F” stands for Functional, “L” for Longevity, and “X” signifies eXtremely.

So Sunflx represents “eXtremely Functional and Longevity Solar Energy”.

From the day started, Sunflx established a development path centered on product quality and research. In its core team, over 80% of the members are engineers and technicians. With its production of high-quality and reliable products, Sunflx has received numerous international product certifications such as SGS and CE, And has established stable partnerships with world famous solar brands from Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Tom’s most proud fact is that Sunflx’s first customer has been with them since 2014. During this 10 years, these customer always stayed strong with them, Even the difficult time like COVID-19 when our factory couldn’t fully resume work. “Repaying our customer trust has become our biggest motivation to continuously develop the Sunflx brand”, Mr Tom said.

Over the past decade, Sunflx products have been delivered to over thirty countries, and installed in hundreds of thousands of off-grid solar systems, illuminating the light of hope for countless families and brightening the desks of children. Sunflx’s product line also become comprehensive, not only providing off-grid solar inverters, but also adding home energy storage batteries ESS.

Mr. Tom states, “To build a lasting brand, product development is key. Our next step is to deeply understand market needs, further enhance product durability, and bring affordable solar products to people living in areas with unstable electricity.”

Sunflx will always follow own brand Philosophy “EXtremely Functional and Longevity”. Sunflx sincerely looks forward to establishing lasting cooperation with the same product attitude , together creating a brighter future.



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