All-In-One Solar Portable Generator

All Price Range , Output from 0.5kva to 6kva

Always Get one for you

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Pure sine inverter , lithium Battery and AC charger All In One
  • low frequency transformer type inverter, Much more stable
  • Builit-in 220V AC output socket, 12V and 5V DC output , Minimum of wiring, just Plug and play
  • With wheels , easy to move around

Why choose our off gird solar inverter ?

  • All Power Range ,From 1Kw to 12Kw .
  • All Price Range Inverter , Always meet your budget.
  • Factory Fast Delivery , Below 20 Pcs all have stock. 100pcs can delivery in 10 days
  • True Warranty Policy, Commit to our responsibility
  • We provide OEM services ,Enlarge your brand influence
  • With CE, IEC, ROHS Certificate.

How we produce your order ?

1.Selecting Top-Grade Raw Materials

  • Semiconductor Materials: We use advanced silicon-based semiconductors known for their high electrical conductivity and efficiency.
  • Metal Casings: Our casings are made from robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum, providing durability and heat dissipation.
  • Electronic Components: We source capacitors, resistors, and other components from industry-leading suppliers, ensuring longevity and performance consistency.

2. Rigorous Component Inspection

  • Quality Control Protocols: Every component undergoes a multi-tiered inspection process, including visual checks, electrical testing, and durability assessments.
  • Testing Equipment: State-of-the-art testing equipment, like automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, are employed to detect even the minutest flaws.

3. Precision Assembly Process

  • PCB Assembly: Our printed circuit boards (PCBs) are assembled in a dust-free environment to prevent any contamination.
  • Soldering Techniques: We use automated soldering techniques that ensure strong and reliable connections between components.

4. Comprehensive Product Testing

  • Efficiency Testing: Each inverter is tested for its power conversion efficiency to ensure it meets our stringent energy standards.
  • Thermal Management Testing: Inverters undergo temperature testing to assess their performance under varying environmental conditions.
  • Longevity Testing: We simulate extended operational periods to guarantee longterm reliability.

5.Secure Packaging and Dispatch

  • Custom Packaging: Inverters are encased in shock-absorbent, environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Documentation: Each unit comes with a detailed user manual, installation guide, and a warranty card.

Factory View

SUNFLX Solar is a China off grid solar inverter orginal manufacture, with Marketing & Research headquarters in Chengdu City and a Production Base in Guangzhou City. SUNFLX hardware & software engineer team continuously develops new technology and has gained over 30 patents and has been certified as a “National High-tech enterprise” by 2022.

SUNFLX provides a 1-10kw full range of off grid solar inverter, High frequency off grid solar inverter ,Transformer type solar inverter, Split phase solar inverter ,economic type solar inverter. All solar inverter are built-in high efficiency MPPT charge controller. With excellent cost control ability, we can ensure you got best price in the market.

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