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About Sunflx

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SUNFLX headquarter is based in Guangzhou City, also have a Chengdu Marketing branch and Research & Manufacture Base in Foshan City. Product range covers Off Grid Solar Inverter ,Solar Charge Controller and Energy Storage Battery and these all products can communication with each other .

SUNFLX hardware & software engineer team continuously develops new technology , 80% of Office Member are engineers. By 2023, Sunflx has gained over 30 patents and has been certified as a “National High-tech enterprise” 

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Our Team

80% Of Office Member are engineers

Mr. Tom

CEO, Product Manager

13 Years working experience in Business channel development
Excellent in marketing new products

Mr. Huang

Chief Engineer

18 Years Hardware and software Engineer hardware structural Builder
Excellent in designing new products

Mr. Fu

Hardware Engineer

18 year hardware development experience

Ms. Cathy

Marketing Director<

12 Years export experience
Japanese /English Speaking
Excellent in developing long-term business partner

Mr. Deng

Software Engineer

Phone Apps developer
15 years software development experience

Mr. Chen

Production Manager

16 years production and Material Supply management experience

Mr. He

Hardware Engineer

Hardware structural Builder
16 years hardware development experience

Company Certificate


For many years, off-grid solar inverters have not received the attention they deserve.
In the market are crowed of low-quality products which lead clients very frustrated and even have nowhere to buy the good one

1.Solar Products do not talk the same language (protocol)
The commination problem happens in Inverter and inverter, Inverter and apps , Inverter and solar charger, Inverter and battery BMS.
All these problems are should be done in the factory ,not in the hand of customers.

2.Product hardware is not strong and durable enough.
Product with low quality components and Ill-considered products design ,will always lead a short lifespan of solar inverter/controller products.

such as quite a lot of factories did not or willing to consider redundancy for electronic components while design the inverter, which cause products quick damage when operate at 100% full capacity.


All Sunflx Solar inverters are use same scope of software & communication protocol , it avoids the communication problem from the very front of this problem. Besides Sunflx will test the communication compatibility on computer, but we also did real physical product test which same as an end-customer will do.
For many times ,we found problems is not actually on software/Computer ,but on hardware like RJ45 port is too tight to too loose OR the RJ45 cable pin order just is reversed.
Only after fixing all these problems, then we hand our work to our client.

Sunflx will never squeezing each component to its 100% electrical performance, because from our vast experience, we know that each component working on its 80% capacity is the most efficient point. So, we use 3000W invert coil on 2400W inverter ,and 120A charging circuit on 100A MPPT charger.
With these concept ,Sunflx inverter stands out from competitors and prove is durability among end users in last 10 years. 


1.Make your customization work sample
If you run a reputable brand in solar industry , Sunflx Engineer will assist you to develop up-to-date featured products, Turn your idea into a real unique product . Ensure you always to be a cutting-edge brand.

2.Grow your sales
If you have a good distribution network , Sunflx superior quality and high Consistency products will solve all your problem on supply end, we can do Collaborating Marketing, and let us turn leads into order !


Mr. Tom Sun, Co-Founder of SUNFLX , who is a graduate with a master’s degree from UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) which are known as the cradle of China’s electronic and electrical specialties.

From the very beginning, Mr. Tom was involved in marketing. Through constant communication with engineers and customers, he learned about cutting-edge solar technologies and became SUNFLX’s first product manager.

Over 12 years of experience, he noticed that the quality of off-grid solar inverters varied very much, The market flooded with low-quality, cheap products.  Even Users wanted to buy better more expensive products but couldn’t find any that were reliable one. They also struggled with matching electrical performance and communication protocols across different brands, often only getting confusing technical documents through email from after-sales support. This was a nightmare for many clients !

Meanwhile, two of Tom’s experienced senior engineer colleagues, Mr. Huang and Mr. Fu have the same opinion, So They founded the SUNFLX brand to make solar inverter with a focus on two main goals:
1. Super easy communication matching.
2. Solid, Durable product.

The initial work was tough, with numerous communication protocols and inconsistent component quality in the market. Everything was a mass !

with the hope to make quality products, SUNFLX team decided to start from scratch, writing a comprehensive communication protocol and developing A Bluetooth debugging app – SunSync for communication matching.

They also redesigned Solar Inverter hardware and software, ultimately creating a reliable, easy-to-communicate suite of off-grid solar inverters. This is our SF off-grid solar storage inverter.

The “Sunflx” brand meaning is profound. “Sun” not only represents Mr. Tom Sun’s Family Name, but also symbolizes the power of Solar Energy. In “FLX,” the “F” stands for Functional, “L” for Longevity, and “X” signifies eXtremely.

So Sunflx represents “eXtremely Functional and Longevity Solar Energy”.

Our Beliefs

We believe people in off-grid areas deserve excellent solar products.
We believe Smooth Commissioning and Durable Inverter bring customer value.



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NO 1-1, South Yixing Innovation Park, Huangpu, Guangzhou, GuangDong, P.R.China

Manufacture Unit

F2-4, No 1. Zhanye Road, Sunde, Foshan, Guangdong, P.R.China

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