An Africa customer perfer Sunflx solar inverter even price is higher

It is an installer from Mauritius that installs solar systems for customers locally, including industrial and household uses. He has very professional knowledge about solar energy, not only installation, but also products.

Order Process

He sent the inquiry on January 6th, and the order was confirmed and paid on January 9th.

On January 6 he sent a very detailed inquiry about the products he needed. Through in-depth knowledge,we know he installs solar power systems locally for customers.

This purchase is a specific home project, and the inquiry attachment contains an area map of the installation scenario. We suggested a 2094*1038mm solar panel for him.

At the same time, a solar installation bracket is provided for installation on flat ground, and we provide the triangles bracket.

The project asked for 10kw solar inverter.  there are special needs, and conventional products can only partially meet the needs.

There are 2 types solar inverter we can provide,standard type and economical type.

Considering that he is a local installer and he needs after-sales service guarantee for his customers, I recommended the standard type for him and explained the reason to him.He agreed with that .

As far as I know, another supplier provided him with an economical model, and the price was 1200usd cheaper than the standard model I provided.

When choosing product types for customers, we not only consider our interests, but also stand from the customer’s perspective. First, meet the basic parameter requirements of the product itself, and secondly, we select the most appropriate type based on the actual usage scenario.

During the communication process, customers raised many questions, I communicated with customers and our engineers to make corresponding improvements to the products to meet project needs. and we solved them one by one together.

Not only is our feedback timely, the feedback content is also smooth and professional.

We uphold the principle of altruism to serve customers and choose the most suitable products for customers rather than the most profitable.

This is why my prices are higher than others and the customers still choose us. We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide marketing suggestions.

If you are also interested, feel free to contact us.

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Hi,I am the author of this Post. From 2012, I have been the marketing director of Sunflx Solar. With over 10 years Solar Field experience, I helped customers over 30 countries to boost their business. I wish my knowledge can help you to choose right solar products !

If you got any question about solar, just contact with me !

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