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Congo customer sent an inquiry about Low frequency inverter but he imported whole system

A Congolese installer who buys solar products from local dealers and installs for his customers in the past few years,his family encouraged him to import from China himself.

Through this low-frequency inverter he had purchased locally before, he found our official website and sent an inquiry

Order Process

At the beginning, we have been communicating about the details of this LF inverter.
He had question:this 6kw same as the one he purchase locally, why the max pv input power of 6kw we provide is 5600w, while the one he purchased locally is 3360w.

The LF of conventional products only comes with the pure sine wave inverter itself, but we can build in a PWM/MPPT controller so that it can be used as an all-in-one machine, making it more convenient to install. PWM/MPPT optional and the parameter is optional ,too.

During our communication,it seems he’s also asking about batteries and solar panels from other suppliers,because he send me the parameters of the battery or solar panel and ask me whether it can be adapted to the LF inverter.
We asked if he was purchasing products for a specific installation project.
The answer is yes. This is the first time that he has imported various products needed for a system for his customers. He tries to buy all the products he needs from different suppliers.
It is very complex, a system includes: solar panel, inverter, battery, bracket, accessories such as cables, MC4 connector, breaker for pv, battery and so on.

We told that we can configure a professional system according to his customer’s load conditions and specific requirements, and provide detailed configuration interpretation, such as include how many solar panel, battery can be fully charged in how many hours during daytime, with a xx capacity backup battery included, can support xx load working how many hours.
At the same time we can also provide him with all products.
we are factory , we provide inverter,controller, battery and accessories. At the same time, we also cooperate with solar panel factories, and they will provide our customers with high-quality solar panels and brackets.

Finally , through 1 weeks discussion, we adjusted the solar panels quantity, battery capacity according to the customer’s requirements several times, and told him how to string solar panels.
Then we make the deal for a whole system, we also arrange the shipment for him.
Within 2 week, all products in the system are gathered together and sent to the freight forwarding warehouse and transported smoothly.

He also send us the installation pictures below

We can not only provide customers with products, but also provide professional solution configurations. We also help customers gather all products and reduce their work.

If you need it, feel free to contact us.

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Hi,I am the author of this Post. From 2012, I have been the marketing director of Sunflx Solar. With over 10 years Solar Field experience, I helped customers over 30 countries to boost their business. I wish my knowledge can help you to choose right solar products !

If you got any question about solar, just contact with me !

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