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A Venezuelan Customer purchased Sunflx inverter with charger

It’s a customer from Venezuelan who operating an online electrical products store via Instgram, sold cables, circuit breakers and other accessories, providing electrical maintenance services .

Order Process

He has installed solar systems using power inverters for customers before, and now he wants to import them and sell them in stores,expressed interest in exploring a new product type.

He discovered our company while searching for solar products and reached out with a detailed inquiry for a power inverter .

The power inverter with charger we produce are generally universal sockets and European standard plugs. Based on our experience, we confirmed with him the plug he used and the type of socket since his market is in Venezuelan.

During the communication, the customer had many questions, including the layout of the side panel, the compatible battery, the voltage of the plug, packing information etc. as shown in the picture. I am willing to explaining the details and product features to our customers, with patience to help solve problem.

With every product detail confirmed, he is still worry about the quality because he has never imported one before .

We arranged a video conference with him.

Through a live demonstration, we showed him the inverter connects the load and the battery charged through the inverter process.

Since this was his first time importing, we also explained to him the transportation process and our after-sales service in the conference.

We work with experienced logistics partners to ensure smooth delivery. All of our product we can promise quality warranty period , and offer return , replace , repair after-sales policy. You can totally trust its quality .

The detail policy you can know from our website

Finally on the 29th he sent the details and confirmed the sample order for us.

The customer sent the inquiry on December 22, placed the order on January 1, and paid on January 11.

For conventional product we ship within 3days.his product need to customized plug and sockets, we shipped it within 10days.

He received the goods within the specified timeframe, and there was no damage during the transportation process. he highly satisfied with the visual quality of the SUNFLX products and provided textual feedback along with pictures.

Customers have already tested the sample and uploaded them to Instagram stores for promotion.

If you also run a store on social media and are interested in our products. Welcome to contact us.

Picture of Mr.Tom

Hi,I am the author of this Post. From 2012, I have been the marketing director of Sunflx Solar. With over 10 years Solar Field experience, I helped customers over 30 countries to boost their business. I wish my knowledge can help you to choose right solar products !

If you got any question about solar, just contact with me !

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